Copyright and GM Midi Files


It is important that each detail is FULLY understood
before an order is placed on our website

Midi Files (also known as Midis) are protected by world wide copyright laws and treaties making it illegal to reproduce and distribute unauthorized copies of the data contained within the Midi File without the written permission of the copyright owner. Individuals face fines of up to $50,000 for each offence while companies and corporations face fines of $250,000 per offence. Additionally, a person may be jailed for up to 5 years for each infringement.

It is important to know that by purchasing the Midi Files, you are entering into a legal agreement as an 'end user' and the conditions stipulated on this page apply to you in full - no exceptions. If you have returned to the On-Line Order Form and submitted an order for Midi Files, it is presumed you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions set out here, so PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

We are happy to provide you with further information in relation to Copyright regulations and we are always ready to assist with friendly advice. If you are unsure what all the terms and conditions actually mean, please request further copyright information by E-mail stating the areas you wish clarifying.

1: The copyright which exists in a Midi File is termed 'Intellectual Property'. Other 'copyrights' which exist are mechanical and lyrical which are controlled by agencies and the respective publishers. You are permitted to modify a Midi File for your own personal use (e.g.: key/tempo changes etc) however, the rules remain as defined below. You are permitted to make a safety back up copy.

2: The data (Midi Files, all associated source code, text files, music files and any other data which constitutes a part of the product licensed to you through a sale) is fully protected by International Copyright Treaties.

3: Our Midi Files ARE NOT public domain, nor are they shareware. Internet service providers (ISP's), bulletin board operators, user groups, schools, churches etc are all bound to the same rules and regulations which apply to the individual and corporations. We issue special licenses (available on request) to allow certain authorized uses of our Midi Files outside the normal performance criteria.

4: It is permitted to modify key's, tempo changes, instrument mutes and other edits which are necessary to prepare the Midi Files suitable for personal performance by the licensed user. Special licenses are available by request for some of the above activities.


Midi File piracy leads to law suits where the offender ends up in more hot water and financial pressure than was bargained for. Legal precedents now exist worldwide and there have been many successful prosecutions.  It's not worth the risk.

Remember - common sense prevails.   So do the right thing and support each other. We rely on your continued custom just as you rely on us to provide a quality and reliable product. Our service and tech support comes at no cost. Think about it. If you know or suspect a person, company or business dealing illegally in Midi Files, you can contact our legal department on a confidential basis.

Rewards are paid to persons giving information leading to a conviction of persons or companies involved in Midi File piracy.