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ST Audio DSP24 Options


Packages What packages can I choose from ?
Rack Options Of course the cards not limited to the packages...
Flexibility of the cards This should answer the most common questions on the card in terms of adding on extra racks.
Reviews Some independent review's from assorted places.

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The Mport. See the ST Audio web site for more info on this. Its got 8 in 8 out on XLR's with mic preamps and phantom power with insert points on every single channel.

St-Audio M-Port dsp3000 Picture

DSP24 MK2 and ADC III Package US $848 / AU $1799

A good package is the ADC III and the DSP24 MK2 which provides you with... 8 high quality XLR balanced inputs with phantom power and preamps on every channel, plus 2 balanced XLR outputs. Midi In and Out are via the ADC III box. If you own a CPORT then you can add on the ADCIII to essentially upgrade to this package. You then have 8 outputs via the ADCDAC2000 rack.

dsp24 mk ii 2

adc III 3

The CPORT package. US $449 / AU $1095

Also know as DSP2000 package in some countries. The best value for money 10 IN 10 OUT 24bit 96khz recording package. When you look at this package and see the price you will agree. As for sound quality it has the exact same converters that units 3 times the price contain. Click for review.

st Audio dsp2000 cport

The DSP24 MKII card. AU$529

This card has 2 balanced XLR inputs and outputs. The internal converters in this card are high quality AKM 24bit 96khz the same as the cport rack. The card has lots of digital IO options. If you want 2 inputs and 2 outputs with the ability to add 8 channels of IO at any time, then this is an excellent card. Either an external rack or an aditional MIDI interface is need for MIDI I/O.

dsp-24 mk II

The DSP24 Value Edition card (DSP24VE) US$128 / AU$299

Similar to the DSP24 MKII.. The main difference is it cannot have the external boxes added and it has unbalanced ins and outs on gold plated RCA's... See below in the rack options to see what you will miss out on if you buy this card over the DSP24MKII card. This card has MIDI in and out via an optional bracket which is US $50 / AU $89 A review. on the value card can be found here.

dsp24 value
The DSP24 MK1 card (DSP24). This card is an interface for the external racks and only has 18bit converters on the card. One of the high quality racks are required for 24bit 96khz recordings. This is the card that makes up the CPORT package. See above..... This card is designed to work with a rack and should not be purchased separately without a rack. ...See below for external rack options. The cards concept is similar to a ADAT card that needs converter boxes for analog audio I/O, however the card is much more flexable than a simple ADAT card... Read below for more info.... dsp24

Media 7.1 Package

The media 7.1 has the same audio IO, dsp engine and drivers as its bigger brother the Cport. It only has 2 inputs and 8 outputs but earns it claim to fame as being the only pro card to have a built in Hardware GM/GS midi synth. Heaps of other features, see www.staudio.com for more info. To hear the media 7.1 click HERE

media 7.1
Add On 19" Rack Mountable Boxes
ADCDAC2000 This is the most popular Box. This is usually packaged with a DSP24 card and is called the CPORT. 2 balanced inputs with preamps and 48 volt phantom power, 8 unbalanced inputs, 2 balanced outputs, 32 channel MIDI, headphone amp. 24bit 96khz with 109 dB dynamic range (A-weighted).....The color is now blue and a few minor changes have been made since this picture was taken. adcdac2000
This is the ADCIII box. It has some very high level converters contained in it. 120 dB dynamic range, 8 balanced inputs with preamps and 48volt phantom power on every channel. Also has MIDI in and out.... blue colour only. adc3
This is the DACIII. It gives you 8 balanced outputs on XLR's....It can also opperate as a stand alone convertor box to convert digital signals to analog. This box is 24bit 96 kHz capable... Available in blue only. dac3
This is the Digital Station 2000. It gives you TDIF IN and OUT, ADAT IN and OUT, Wordclock IN and OUT. Can also opperate as a standalone box to convert between any format and also in stand alone mode it can connect to ADCIII and DACIII boxes to give you heaps of flexability. ds2000 digital station 2000
This is the Digital Modultor III.... It gives you 8 channels in and out on S/PDIF and AES EBU. Can accept different sample rates on all inputs and outputs at the same time and will convert them to what ever the host card is locked to !!! Also has 32 channel MIDI.....Yes you guessed it, only available in blue. dm3
M-port Rack

st-audio m-port rack

  Many more racks to come !!!
Dsp-24, cport and mport options for upgrading


Each DSP24 (MK1 and MKII ) card can only have 10 channels of inputs and 10 channels of outputs at a time (20 IO)... The S/PDIF takes up 2 channels in and out leaving 8 inputs and 8 outputs accessible via external racks. You can for example have both the DS2000 (digital station) and any of the other racks such as the ADC III or the ADCDAC2000 connected to the same card but you cant exceed 10 in and 10 output streams. This is limited by the chip the DSP24 is designed around. If you have both racks on the same card you can very quickly patch between the two racks in EL (external links), in real-time and without rebooting, even while the drivers are in use. You can even MIX AND MATCH inputs from both boxes but you cant exceed the 20 IO limit per card. This is why the DS2000 has the four green LED's and the ADCDAC2000 has the four red LED's, to indicate which inputs are active otherwise it would be confusing which ones were patched in..... As for outputs all outputs are active at the same time. You can output via the 1 card 8 channels in ADAT and at the same time 8 channels of analog, but once again it is the same 8 output streams. This is only scratching the surface of what the ST Audio range can do. The Many of the racks can be used in stand alone mode without a computer, for instance the DACIII can also be used as a stand alone digital to analog converter from AES EBU, optical or coaxial spdif. It can do 4 pairs at a time and at fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

You can install up to four DSP24 cards in the one computer to allow for up to 40 inputs and 40 outputs (80 channels of I/O) the museum in Melbourne Australia is doing just this to stream audio to different rooms for different displays ! This runs 12 hours a day every day without problems, that shows you how stable the drivers are on the NT platforms.

What ever you want/need the ST Audio DSP24 has it all. You can start off small and then add as you go. See it, Hear it, Believe it.



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Sound On Sound



PC Direkt The german magazine PC Direkt rated the SoundTrack Audio DSP 24 with ADC&DAC2000 as very good (issue 04/2000) - giving it it the highest score of all recording cards in the test! They especially liked the high flexibility of the system.
KEYBOARDS The German magazine KEYBOARDS has tested the Soundtrack Audio DSP 24 with ADC&DAC2000 in their issue 07/2000 with very good results: "Hoontech's Soundtrack Audio DSP 2000 is a very uncomplicated card with simple routing and stable software."
Plus many more as I track down either the magazine issue number or the online written review.