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PcMus LED Lights


How to make a DIY dive light.
A guide on how to make your own DIY Dive Light, can be used to make either a LED or Halogen based light.
How to install a LED into a Mag-Lite.
A new guide on how to install a LED into the Mag-Lite based dive lights. Use the above guide for your build and add this extra information if choosing LED.
Dive Light Genie Halogen Dimmer.
The Dive Light Genie, a fully featured Halogen dimmer for halogen based lights.
LED Genie high current driver.
The LED Genie V2, a very flexible LED driver which can run any LED on the market, even ones past 9 amps.
MR11 Halogen light conversion.
An article on how to choose which LED to use in your light.


Premade delrin dive light canisters. ready made light heads for LED or HID.



All the products for sale on this site are listed below


Custom made LED heatsink for Mag-Lites.

A single heatsink for a D cell Mag-Lite. Two are pictured to the left to show different angles as they are hollowed out to reduce weight. If ordering other parts at the same time then please contact me via email so I can give a single freight cost. More info here.

Price $40 each


A pair (two) of cable glands with strain relief to suit cable between 6.5mm to 8.8mm. Thread is M16x1.5 and is 6mm long. These are the same brand and model that most lights on the market use.

Price $30 For two metal glands with strain relief.


Stainless Steel latches with security catch, supplied with screws and lid strike as pictured.

$11 each.

Now available and in stock. These are custom designed to fit the maglite and allow you to 'zoom' smoothly from a very narrow beam and all the way to a wide flood. Details are: 43mm diameter, 18mm thick and the focal length is 26mm for a narrow beam. Move LED closer for wider beams. Email for pricing.

'LED Genie V2' driver electronics for L.E.D based lights

LED Genie available in DIY full kit form.

The full kit comes with all componets for you to assemble yourself (soldering and basic electronics skills are required) saving you labor costs of having it assembled and tested before shipping. Takes less than an hour to build and install in your light.

$35 plus shipping.

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The premade LED Genie ready for a DIY LED dive or bike light.

The 'Premade LED Genie' comes fully assembled and tested as pictured to the left. It ships as standard with screw terminals fitted to the pcb allowing anyone to install it without any soldering just insert the wires and use a screwdriver to tighten the connection.

$55 plus shipping

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'Dive Light Genie' dimmer for HALOGEN based lights (can be made for HID on request)

Dive Light Genie Kit  

(All parts supplied in kit form)


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Premade Dive Light Genie 

(Already assembled)


Now the premade DLG is supplied with screw terminals as standard so no soldering is required to install into your light, only a screw driver is needed.
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