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Pc Mus Studios, Radikal SAC 2.2


In the above picture just below the headphones you will see a double power point with an extra switch in the center of it. This one switch turns on my whole studio, powering all my gear from the screens to the midi keyboard. The amplifiers are on relays which turn the amps on and off at the correct times to avoid nasty thumps from reaching the NS10's.... The power points are very handy here since I bring a lot of new gear home from work from time to time. You can also see the radikal SAC 2.2 motorised control surface which I use for mixing.

Studio Melbourne Australia
Assorted Percussion



Mindprint Envoice  

Brand and Model

# of Channels

SM Pro Audio PR8
Mindprint DI Port
Custom made class A mic preamp
Lunaar TP01 Tube Mic preamp
Mindprint Envoice preamp/full parametric eq and valve compressor all in one rack. The ultimate preamp for a professional studio and lucky homestudios.  


A picture of my manager organising the next recording session :) Caleb at 14 months


Monster Prolink CableI use Monster Cable for all my microphone and instrument cables, all terminated with Neutrik connectors.

Mic List

Mic Brand and Model


Shure SM57
Shure SM81
Shure SM58
CAD CM15 pencil condensers
CAD NDM10 Snare/Tom mics
CAD E100
Sm Pro Audio mc01
Sm Pro Audio mc02
Sm Pro Audio mc03 Valve mic with omni, cardiod and figure 8


Pop Killer

Picture of pop killer wind screen

A pop killer, these are essential when u have condenser microphones. You can make one from a coat hanger and some old clean stockings that works just as well. You can't beat the look of a real one though. Kind of embarrassing when u have a good professional singer over and u pull out a home made job. These as the name suggests kills pops created by a singer blowing into the microphone while they are singing.



    Pic of Adapters

A fishing tackle box full of adapters, drum keys ect... These go every where with me in a gig bag containing headphones, soldering iron, torch, gaffer and Berocca (hangover cure) :)

Adapters save you so much time, they allow you to lift an earth, reverse the phase and change the plugs gender, size and type.

Recording looms / multicores / snakes are another thing I seem to collect :)




  • Emagic Logic Audio Platinum version 5.5.1  My main package that I use for sequencing and audio recording. Any quick mastering is also all done inside of logic before going over to cd architect, thats the way which suits my way of working the best.
  • Waves Platinum Bundle Ver 4 This bundle is made up of all of waves famous FX, all plugins except the restoration bundle are included. If you want the best then Waves have the plugins for you. Favourite plugins are the renMAXXchannel, L2, lineq, linMB, and of course the trueverb.
  • Waves Transform Bundle
  • Sonic Foundry CD Architect 5 This is the best program for arranging audio files for burning on to an audio cd. I use it for every audio cd I create.
  • Cool Edit Pro Ver 1.2a with MP3
  • Soundtechnology SpectraLab Pro great analising software
  • Gigastudio 96
  • SampleTank L
  • Amplitube This has to be the best amp simulator around.
  • Soon to be samplitude.