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Free Recording Software, Audio Plugins and Utilities

Below is a collection of free audio recording software, free audio vst plugins and utilities that home studios and recording engineers will find helpful. If you know of any good free plugins and audio recording software and wish to help others find free and helpful software then email me the information, features and your opinion on the software. All programs below are shareware or freeware and are not time limited. No support given for any free software, sorry :) they all have read-me files learn to use these. Use all this software at your own risk and I take no responsibility for any negative effects even if I'm the author of that software. Backup your data first before using...ect. Etc. All the usual disclaimers apply.

Free Recording Software

Pro Tools Free Recording and editing software. Works only for windows 98 and ME. 8 audio recording tracks limited.
Free Audio Editing Software, Audacity Audacity Free open source editing and multitrack software. No track limits, no midi support.
Kristal free audio multi-track recording software Kristal Probably the best free multi-track audio recording software available. ASIO and VST FX support,16 audio track limit, no midi support.
logo: quartz audio master Quartz Audio Master Free 4 audio track software with midi. Can purchase more audio tracks and has excellent guides to learn how to use the software.
Logo: Anvil Studio freeware Anvil Studio freeware multi-track audio and midi. Very basic user interface.

Free Audio Related Utilities

CPU Hawg / hog CPU Hawg : Check to see how much power your direct-X and VST plugins are using. Great for beta testers to see how optimized each release of a plugins is compared to the last.
audio grabber cd ripper with error correction. Audio Grabber CD Ripper with error correction
midi ox Midi OX Shows what midi activity is occurring
Hdd Tach, test your audio recording hard drives speed. Hd Tach Use it to find if your hard drives or controller have any problems. Tests your computers hdd speed and cpu overhead.
MidiTest Test your midi interface to see how much latency it is contributing to your setup. Also it tests the amount of midi timing drift or jitter.
Cdex, a cd ex-tractor program for ripping audio from a cd. cdex An excellent FREE cd ripping and mp3-wav-mp3 converter.

Free Audio Editing Software

Free Audio Editing Software, Audacity Audacity Free open source editing and multitrack software.
protools free Pro Tools Free Recording and editing software. Works only for windows 98 and ME.

Free VST and Direct-x Plugins

sir, free reverb vst and direct x plugins SIR Reverb An excellent reverb that's free. Complicated to use.
spin audio vst to direct-x wrapper Spin Audio Great value plugins, have 2 free. VST to DX wrapper
  FREEVERB if you don't have a good reverb or are confused with the one you have, this is easy to use.
  MDA VST Plugins....This free pack includes a FREE COMPRESSOR. Copy the .DLL files to your \VSTPlugins  folder, don't e-mail me for help
  Specter A DirectX based audio-spectrum visualizer.
  Tap Tempo - You can use this to tap on the space bar to work out the B.P.M / TEMPO of a song.
Guitar FX software plugin. Turn your computer into a guitar fx pedal. Guitar FX Guitar FX software. Free fully functional demo. Turn your pc in-to a guitar fx pedal.

Free VSTi and Direct-x Instruments

Delay Lama singing monk free vsti Delay Lama A funny VST-i singing monk.
gtg free vsti synths for keyboard GTG Synths Lots of Free VSTi synths.
pc vst-i instruments free for download. PC VST-i Some great free vsti including a sitar !
  Cristal Free VSTi Soft Synth
  DS404 Free VSTi 2.0 Sampler
  RGC Audio Lots of Free VSTi Synths including triangle II and a free VSTi soundfont player.
  kvr-vst A huge collection of vst synths.
  LinPlug Free Aplha free alpha synth
  Midi Router A free program to allow a midi controller keyboard to hear sound.


Computer Utilities

Burn-At-Once free cd burning software.
  StartUp Control Panel This Free program will allow you to remove programs that automatically load at startup...very easy to use.
Spy bot search and destroy helps remove spybots and hijackers from your pc. Spybot Search and Destroy Finds and removes spyware, also stops pop ups. I prefer this program over adaware which is also linked to below.
Lavasoft Adaware Lavasoft Adaware Finds and removes spyware, also stops pop ups.
Mail Washer, get rid of spam. Mail washer Rid yourself of spam emails. Great Program.


  • Lame One of the best free MPEG Audio (.mp3) encoders available.
  • StripWav A Windows program to remove extra information from .wav files to make them compatible with older programs. Ideal for CD recorders that write audio to CDs, but have trouble ignoring extra information in .wav files.
  • WAVmaker turn midi into wav files.

Programs that I have written and offer for free, use at your own risk...

  • UnMaya VER 1.0 - Utility made by me for uninstalling the Audiotrak/Egosys Maya card. No longer written as they have their own very good uninstall program.
  • Latest Undsp24 This utility will remove the drivers for the hoontech ADSP24 cards Old UNDSP24
  • UnCore2 VER 1.1 This utility made by me will uninstall the Lexicon Core2 card.
  • Midi Router